Dax Outlook 2015 W43

Dax Outlook 2015 W43

Expectations about futher money injections by the central banks and a more unlikely gotten FED interest rate rise.

The MACD is bullish, the RSI in an Uptrend at 53.99 and the VDAX is down to 20.96.

Even though it looks a bit more like we could enter the year end ralley now, the Dax is still within the downward trend channel. Friday’s candle is almost a doji which could set an end to the recent recovery and move us back to the 9’300s. Both the Up- and Down-Scenario seem to be possible next week. I tend a bit more towards the upward move.

Support:         10’000, 9’930, 9’360, 9’214, 9’000, 8’903

Resistance:    10’320, 10’570, 10’800, 11’000, 11’200, 11’286,11’380, 11’400,11’600, 11’800, 12’200,  13’500, 14’000, 14’500