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No Decisions on CO2 Measures reached in IMO Meeting

According to a Press Briefing on the IMO website, there was no consensus on the next steps of the IMO’s climate change strategy were reached. The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) expects that further substantial progress on the following 3

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IMO to put CO2 control Measures on the Agenda

The Marine Environment Protection Commitee (MEPC) is going to meet 27/09/2010-01/04/2010 and released that the reduction of greenhouse gases in shipping is going to be a major focus in this meeting. The following measures are to be considered technical and

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Emissions and Kyoto Glossary

8         Glossary Continue reading for a Glossary on Emissions Trading and the Kyoto Protocol

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Quantitative Analysis of Carbon Prices

5         Quantitative analysis The Objective of the following quantitative analysis is to find out if there is causal relationship between the price of EUAs and different fuels and weather data. In the following the time series will be tested for

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